SUNMUM BreastMilk Storage Bags

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9oz/20 bags/260ml

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SUNMUM Breast Milk Storage Bags – 9oz/20 bags/260ml

  • Leak proof with TRIPLE layers Zipper
  • Designated area to mark Name, Date, Time and Volume
  • Ideal for refrigerator/freezer storage
  • Made from 100% pure polyethylene plastic


Pre-sterilised using Gamma Ray Sterilisation

Bag and printing color are of food grade, suitable for food packaging

Self standing bottom for easy storage

Curved lips specially designed for easy pouring of milk to bottle

Safety Use of Product:

  • Do not reuse the bag.
  • Breast milk bag is for one time usage
  • Do not defrost milk by using microwave or boiling water
  • Do not refreeze or refrigerate breast milk once thawed
  • Discard any leftover milk

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