Pregnancy during COVID19

How do you deal with pregnancy during COVID19?

pregnant during covid19
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It is very exciting to know that with all happening in the world right now, it is still a blessing to receive a good news that there is a baby growing in your tummy. But with the pandemic situation and COVID19, how do you deal with this, with a baby in your tummy?

Here are suggestions from various health organization on how to approach this condition.

1. Schedule appointments with the doctor. 

With the help of technology, we are able now to consult with our doctors thru online call or teleconsultation. So make sure to connect with hospital or healthcare provider on how they can provide you this type of service.

2. Get your vaccines. 

Pregnant moms are considered as immune compromised persons. It means the immune systems defense against viruses are low. Therefore, it is important to get vaccinated to protect you and your baby. Basic vaccinations needed are Flu vaccine.  According to, it is also recommended to get a whooping (Tdap) cough vaccine, in order to protect your baby from the whooping cough.

3. Stock medications. 

Pregnant moms have a regular medicine that needs to take valuable to their pregnancy. Keep your supply of medicines as much as 30 days, so that you will lessen the trips to the pharmacy.

4. Exercise. 

Staying at home will be more productive if you get your body moving. has a lot to choose from! Just type, “pregnant moms exercise” and you’ll be seeing lots of options to choose!

5. Do not delay emergency care. 

pregnant during covid19
Source: Burst.Shopify

If you think that you need an immediate care and need to be brought to hospital, do not hesitate to go for immediate assistance. Our hospitals are equipped on how to deal with these situations especially for pregnant moms.

Being pregnant can be challenging especially in pandemic and COVID 19, but with the help of daddies, relatives and friends, and right information you will be able to conquer the hurdles of pregnancy. 

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