Frequently asked questions about SaYa Baby Carrier

SaYa Baby Carrier has been around since 2009. It started selling through friends and through word of mouth. So we need Your support to spread the news to mom and dad!

Stocks are available here in! You can check them here. Get to know more SaYa Baby Carrier with these frequently asked questions or FAQs. Do you have other concerns about SaYa Baby Carrier? Let us know!

Q: Is there an age or weight limit for the SaYa?
A: From newborn to 2 years old, max of 15kg

Saya Baby Carrier SSK Galak
SaYa Baby Carrier SSK Galak Style

Q: What is the difference between the 2 types of SaYa Baby Carrier
A: VTB or Versatekk Blend, which is like a Yoga wear, 80% nylon and 20% spandex
SSK or Semi stretch Knit is like fitted t-shirt, made of cotton 95% and spandex 5%.

SaYa Baby Carrier SSK
SaYa Baby Carrier SSK

Q: Why should you choose SaYa over other baby carriers?
A: -It has many prints and colors to choose from
-Proudly Pinoy! Made by and for Pinoys
-It has spread to double shoulder so the weight is evenly distributed
-It has stretchy fabric that is easy to use and very comfortable for mom and baby
-No Buckles or any hardware! So it is gentle and easy to pack.

Cheska and Gavin Kramer in Saya Baby Carrier SSK
Cheska and Gavin Kramer in Saya Baby Carrier SSK

Source: SaYa Baby Carrier FB page

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