Babywearing and its Benefits

What is babywearing?

Babywearing is the act of putting a child in a sling or carrier that’s attached to one’s body for safe transport. But do you know that babywearing has it’s advantages to the mother and baby? Let’s find out in this blog!

Babywearing Happy Mom and Baby

For hundreds of years, the practice of babywearing has always used in different cultures and all across the globe. In Mexico, rebozos used to serve as a sling carrier for their infants. While the Africans make use of simple pieces of cloths to wrap their babies around their bodies. Meanwhile, the Obi is the traditional baby sling wrap used in Japan.

In Philippines several indigenous groups in Cordillera and South Cotabato use shawls or blanket and then wrap around their bodies to serve as a sling carrier.

Additionally, the Fatle is the Scandinavian version of a sling carrier while Welsh flannel is the version of their southern neighbor. Babywearing is a practice that has been regarded as highly practical and that has been around far longer than we can ever imagine.

If you’re still skeptical about hopping on the bandwagon, then here are 5 amazing reasons why babywearing is great for you and your baby.

1. Relieves Stress and Anxiety in Mothers

The skin-to-skin contact that babywearing allows can increase your oxytocin level. It is a calming hormone with an antidepressant effect.

2. Calmer Babies

The rhythm of a mother’s heartbeat has a soothing effect on babies. Calm babies have the feeling of security which equates to lesser fuss and cries. They also tend to sleep longer and better with their mother’s heartbeat close to them.

3. Supports Breastfeeding

Having your baby tucked around your body can help increase your maternal instincts. Mothers will learn to identify the early signs that their babies are sending them when they’re hungry. Most carriers are also designed to allow convenient and comfortable breastfeeding. Ring Sling Baby Carriers can offer support because it has a ring that you can tightened or loosened to adjust position while breastfeeding. SaYa Baby Carrier is also an excellent choice because it can allow you to breastfeed.

4. More Freedom in Mothers

With your baby wrapped around your body, you will have two free hands that you can use to maximize your time and increase your productivity. You can move and do other things while your child is  resting close to you. Freedom of travel is also an added benefit of babywearing. Many carrier types including Mei Tai Carriers are excellent in providing you and your baby the ease of travel. It has durable straps attached that ensure extra protection for your baby.

5. Enhanced Mother and Daughter Bond

Babywearing can help establish the mother and daughter relationship on a deeper level. Having your baby close to you all the time is like having an extended body part. You get to share your feelings and experiences with that extended part and vice versa.

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