Breastfeeding and COVID19

Should a mother continue to breastfeed while COVID19 positive?

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As they say, breastfeeding is the best feeding! But how do you deal with the situation if the mother is suspected or confirmed positive of COVID19? According to, if a mother is suspected or confirmed COVID19 patient, it is encouraged that breastfeeding should continue to give.  Mother should be aware that the greater benefits of breastfeeding to newborn babies is much more important than the risk of transmission.

It can also be stressed that there are no studies yet that shows that COVID19 can be transmitted thru breastmilk.  Here’s are the things to do if the mother is considering giving breastmilk while a COVID19 patient.

  1. Talk to your doctor if you have decided to continue to give breastmilk. Healthcare professionals are more experience in giving more information and can guide further on how to handle this situation.
  2. To help prevent the transmission, wash your hands before and after touching the baby.
  3. Wear a mask while nursing.
  4. Make sure not to cough or sneeze while nursing the baby.
  5. It is suggested to express the breastmilk to the milk bottle and let someone who is not sick to feed the baby.
  6. If the baby shows symptoms of COVID19, you should immediately call the doctor.

If you would like more information about breastfeeding and COVID19, you can check and WHO website.

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